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A solid know-how

A long experience around the world

A point of Strength is a long experience of working for major hotel chains and thorough knowledge of all the parameters required by receptive extremely complex reality.
There are many orders of special projects handled by IFO, which thus increases its credibility in the international community of design and architecture. Each project is an opportunity to demonstrate a solid know-how and exploit a vast wealth of resources.


Infinite solutions in the construction field

We are able to meet the increasingly demanding standards of visual comfort and well-being.

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Technical knowledge

We always act with professionalism

For a long time we have achieved the technical knowledge that allows us create diversified projects and we have always acted with professionalism and dedication towards:

  • Ad-hoc design according to the customer’s needs;
  • Planning and orders management;
  • Preparation of the final design with technical drawings, certifications and installations of all kind, through our Technical Department and the support of our skilled engineers;
  • Product construction and assembly, together with the specific control tests, according to the previously settled agreements with the Customer.